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Security Solutions
Jul. 18, 2023


Nowadays, the situation of information security still contains many complicated factors, especially the crime of theft is increasingly sophisticated, causing frustration and anxiety among the people. With the advent of smart security devices, it has partly helped ensure the safety of your home and business. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of some of the security system available on the market with SECOM.

Security Solution


The CCTV system helps us to prevent theft, when abnormal events arise, we can easily access the footage to clearly confirm the incident. To maximize its effectiveness, a CCTV system needs 24/7 surveillance. The system is not capable of detecting the problem immediately, but only retrieving the data after the failure.

The worst case is that the HDD is damaged, the user will not be able to access the data.

In addition, when customers do not have installation experience and do not understand the characteristics of each type of camera, they will not be able to observe the entire area due to being obscured by blind spots.


Alarm systems are used to install and use in private homes, companies, shops or in factories.

The alarm system consists of sensor devices, which are linked together into a system. When there is an intrusion, the signal will be transmitted to the Control Center, from which the Center will make an alarm call or send a message to the customer’s emergency contact list.

The alarm system may receive false alarms, causing confusion for the users.

When the customer is out of coverage or fall asleep, they can miss the alarm call or notification message from Control Center.

Despite receiving alarm notification, customers cannot respond effectively when they’re remote.

Therefore, customers should choose an experienced service provider to be able to advise and install the most effective and optimal system.


Access system is a system installed at the entrance, allowing the person who has been authenticated by card, fingerprint or face at the identification device to unlock. All user credentials are saved to the software so that it can confirm who entered which door and when.

In addition, the software also helps us decentralize which individual can enter which door. For large-scale areas to be managed, the system is capable of monitoring as a whole through the Map View tool.

The system also helps to collect entry and exit data for timekeeping purposes.

In the event of a power cut, the lock will be disconnected, and the door will open automatically. Therefore, a backup power source is required if this system is used and should be regularly maintained to ensure quality.

How to use the above security systems in the most optimal way?

Total security solution from SECOM

SECOM is a largest security service provider in Japan. We have more than 60 years of experience in the field of providing “Security and Safe” service, not only in Japan, SECOM also provide security service for people and property in 18 countries and territories all over the world.

SECOM’s service is a perfect combination of advanced equipment and human resources. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of each system and help customers come up with the right solution. The sensor system is invented and manufactured by SECOM itself, ensuring Japanese quality and diversity in types. Besides, under the 24/7 monitoring alarm from the Control Center of SECOM, our staff always ready to respond to the protection target when an intrusion occurs.

We consulate and install security alarm systems that meet your specific needs and budget. Our intruder alarm with response service is reliable, easy to use, and monitored 24/7 by SECOM’s control center.

In addition, customers can use the new security solution “SECOM PLUS” with peace of mind. The service combines the existing CCTV system with the intruder alarm system, allowing customers to easily manage and receive alarm signals through their phone.


SECOM will advise on the most suitable solution for your family and business!


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