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Our Philosophy

SECOM's mission is to provide people in society secured environment and peace of mind with high quality and economically efficient means. Since our establishment in 1962 of Japan, we have developed a way to combine characteristics of human beings (judgement in real life situation etc.) and that of electronic devices (accuracy, stability, speed etc.) , and it has been successfully accepted in society as Alarm Service (on-line monitoring and emergency response service). The combination is our service model to complete the mission. Not only for the alarm service, our philosophy is reflected in our security planning policy of which the goal is to secure customer's premise by choosing most effective devices or means to fulfill the customer's security needs. Our well-trained security staff members serve our customers as embodies of our philosophy. In order to contribute to the Vietnamese society, we keep the endless effort to improve our services.

Company Profile

SECOM was founded in 1962 as the first security company in Japan. Initially, the company offered manned security services such as patrolling services and static guard services, but after the start of its own unique on-line security services expanded in 1966, the company still steadily kept expanding its numbers of contracts, and at present achieved about 200 million cases of on-line security contracts including those of oversea countries for both commercial premises and residential home market.( Learn more about the history )

SECOM in the world

SECOM, with its common philosophy, provides the security services to 12 countries and regions in the world. In particular, the on-line security services known by its effectiveness and economical price, are widely accepted in the countries.( Learn more about international business)

About business of SECOM in Vietnam

In Vietnam, SECOM started its business as a security consulting company in 2006. After deregulation on foreign capital, in 2013 we obtained the license of the security service business and established the current Secom Vietnam Security Service JSC. We sell security products and set up a service providing system with the same level and quality as that of SECOM's subsidiaries in other countries.