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May. 16, 2024

X-Ray Scanner – Airport Security Luggage And Goods Scanning Solution

X-ray machines are essential equipment that ensures security across global airport systems. The use of X-ray luggage scanners has enhanced security control effectiveness, reducing the risk of terrorist attacks and other illegal activities at airports. So, what is the X-ray luggage scanning system, and what role does it play in ensuring aviation security? Join SECOM in exploring this in detail in the following article!

What is an X-ray machine?

Currently, X-ray machines are also known as an advanced solution for scanning goods, applied in various fields. Specifically, an X-ray machine is a high-tech security inspection device, commonly used to ensure safety and security in critical areas such as airports, train stations, border checkpoints, and other significant facilities. Manufactured with advanced technology, X-ray scanners provide clear and detailed images, helping security personnel easily detect dangerous or prohibited items in luggage.

By using X-ray goods scanners, security organizations can detect and prevent the transportation of dangerous materials such as weapons, explosives, or other hazardous substances like anesthetics. With these exceptional capabilities, this device has become an indispensable tool in maintaining public security, especially at ports, border areas, and airports.

What is the structure of an X-ray luggage scanner?

Typically, an X-ray luggage scanning system includes various devices to make the luggage inspection process efficient. Here is an overview of the structure of an X-ray scanner:

X-ray generation system: An X-ray luggage scanner uses an X-ray generation system to produce sufficient energy to pass through the materials in the luggage without damaging them. With its powerful function, the X-ray machine is considered an effective security scanning solution in many fields. X-ray detection system: Another important component of an X-ray scanner is the X-ray detection system. This system includes sensors or special film plates arranged to detect and capture X-rays after they have passed through the luggage. Image processing system: The data collected from the X-ray detection system is transferred to the image processing system. Here, special algorithms and software are used to convert the X-ray data into high-quality images for viewing. Display screen: The images created by the image processing system are displayed on the security scanning system’s screen. With the display screen, security personnel can analyze and determine whether there are suspicious materials in the luggage. Control and operation system: The X-ray goods scanning system also includes control components, a control system to adjust the scanning process parameters and display images.

Overall, an X-ray machine integrates various technologies and components to produce high-quality images, helping security personnel easily detect dangerous materials in luggage.

How does the X-ray luggage scanning system work?

The X-ray machine operates on the principle of using X-rays to create images of objects inside luggage. Here, X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation with short wavelengths capable of penetrating various materials. In essence, the operation process of X-rays and individual X-ray scanners works as follows:

The X-ray luggage scanner operates by generating an uneven X-ray beam from the X-ray emitting device. As the X-rays pass through an object, some of them are absorbed, and the absorption level depends on the size and composition of the object. The unabsorbed X-rays pass through the object and are captured by detectors on the other side. The data collected from the detectors is processed to create a 2D image based on the internal structure of the object, and this image is immediately displayed on a computer screen. Thanks to this process, the security department can detect dangerous objects and take timely action. Features of the X-ray goods scanning system

The X-ray luggage scanning system is increasingly popular and plays an essential role in ensuring security in areas such as airports, border crossings, ports, factories, etc. With components made from high-tech devices, the X-ray goods scanning system possesses many advanced features such as:

Superior material differentiation ability: In the X-ray luggage scanning solution, devices will use a 6-color range, each color corresponding to a different atomic number range. By recognizing six different colors, the X-ray machine helps clearly distinguish all types of objects. High-quality images: The X-ray machine can display images with maximum fidelity, allowing users to observe details of the object inside the luggage. By installing an X-ray goods scanning system, managers can easily detect dangerous items concealed in the luggage. Easy to use: With just one software, users can access and use all functions of the machine. The X-ray luggage scanning system typically has a simple, intuitive interface, easy to operate and suitable for many users. Impressive zoom capability: The image zoom function of the X-ray machine can go up to 64 times, allowing for zooming in on specific areas on the screen. With this powerful zooming feature, controllers can quickly and accurately identify small, complexly structured objects. Why install an X-ray goods scanning system?

With the necessity of maintaining security, the X-ray machine is an indispensable tool in the safety and security systems of many countries around the world, including Vietnam. Currently, this system has been widely deployed at high-security locations such as airports, seaports, military facilities, border crossings, etc.

The combination of high-tech equipment and security personnel can help enhance efficiency and ensure safety for the community and critical facilities. With the ability to detect and identify dangerous objects, the X-ray machine is an effective tool for controlling security and preventing dangerous activities from extremist and reactionary elements.

Airport security checks with the X-ray machine – Optimal luggage and goods scanning solution

In the past, luggage checks were usually performed manually by security staff who would open each suitcase to check each item. This process was very time-consuming and not highly effective. However, since the installation of the X-ray luggage scanning system, airport security has significantly improved as security personnel can check luggage more quickly and accurately.

According to regulations, before boarding the plane, all passengers must undergo a luggage check through the X-ray system at the security gate. This process involves placing the luggage on a conveyor belt to move into the X-ray chamber for inspection. After the luggage is scanned by this system, if no issues are detected regarding the goods, passengers are allowed to continue to the waiting room. However, if there is suspicion of passengers carrying dangerous objects in their luggage, security personnel have the authority to ask passengers to open their suitcase for a more thorough check.

Thanks to the X-ray luggage scanning solution, security personnel can quickly check luggage and timely prevent security issues such as terrorist attacks, transportation of “prohibited substances”, and illegal trade.

Install a cost-effective, reputable X-ray luggage scanning system at SECOM

Not only widely used in aviation safety, the X-ray machine is also a useful device in many other fields such as store security, factories, and warehouses. Therefore, installing an X-ray goods scanning system can bring many benefits to enterprises by providing control solutions for entry and exit and detecting prohibited items, helping to avoid unwanted risks.

As an advanced device, installing an X-ray luggage scanning system needs to be performed by professional units with a deep understanding of technology. Therefore, if customers are looking for a reputable security scanning installation unit in Vietnam, consider SECOM – a leading security company from Japan.

With over 50 years of experience in the security industry, SECOM is proud to be a specialist in providing consulting and installation solutions for luggage scanning systems such as gates, metal detectors, and X-ray luggage scanners for many large enterprises and factories in Vietnam. Accordingly, metal detectors and X-ray machines at SECOM will be installed at the entrance and exit, helping to detect and prevent the carrying of prohibited substances inside the internal area, thereby protecting the assets and resources of the enterprise.

Unlike many units in the market, the metal detectors and X-ray luggage scanners installed by SECOM have distinct advantages such as:

High-quality equipment and clear operating procedures: SECOM provides a variety of high-quality scanning equipment such as personal X-ray machines, metal detectors, handheld luggage checkers, and archway machines. In addition, SECOM commits to always support enterprises in the most efficient operating procedures. Long experience in installing security scanning systems: With over 50 years of experience in the safety and security field, SECOM will advise and propose the most suitable, effective security solutions for enterprises. Integration of multiple security solutions: For customers who set high standards for safety and security, SECOM will combine various devices and technologies to provide the most comprehensive and effective security solutions. In particular, SECOM often combines advanced X-ray scanners and metal detectors to help enterprises strictly control all activities entering and exiting factories.

With these advantages, the security systems provided by SECOM will meet the security needs of many different customer groups, especially enterprises owning large-scale factories and warehouses in Vietnam. With SECOM, customers can be assured of choosing the most effective and professional security solution for their business.

It is evident that the application of the X-ray machine system is an effective and necessary solution to enhance safety and security in public areas. Not only used at airports, personal X-ray machines are also widely used in many factory systems and warehouses. If customers need to deploy a goods scanning system and are looking for a reputable installation unit, contact SECOM for detailed advice and quotations!

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