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Jul. 10, 2024

What is a motion sensor system? Operating principle and classification?

Motion sensor system is one of the advanced technology solutions with high applicability in residential and public buildings. This system can be combined with lighting, audio or anti-theft equipment to protect family and property. So what exactly is this system and how does it work? Let’s find out more details with SECOM in the article below.

What is a motion sensor system?

A motion sensor is a sensor system used to detect and measure physical movement including humans and animals within a certain spatial range. Currently, there are two main types of motion sensors on the market, including:

  • Active motion sensor is also called Active Motion Sensor.
  • Passive motion sensors, also known as passive motion sensors

The motion sensor system is a system that integrates internal sensors to help identify suspicious objects, thereby performing activities such as turning on lights, giving warnings or activating the security system. Thanks to these outstanding features, sensor solutions are widely used in protecting homes and businesses.

What is the structure of a motion sensor?

Motion sensors come in many types with different structures, but in general, these sensors include a few main components as follows:

  • Transmitter: This is the component responsible for emitting infrared, microwave or sound rays into the surrounding space.
  • Wave Receiver: This part receives reflected or reflected waves from objects in the environment after they touch and reflect from obstacles.
  • Processing circuit: After receiving feedback waves, the motion sensor will transmit those signals into the circuit to process information and make decisions.
  • Control and alarm: Based on the processing results from the circuit, the motion sensor controls other devices to operate automatically such as turning on/off lights, opening/closing doors or activating alarms when there is unusual movement.

Operating principle of the motion management system

The motion sensor system operates on the principle of detecting changes in the surrounding environment due to the movement of people or objects. Basically, the operating principle of the sensor system is understood as follows:

When an object appears in the infrared or ultrasonic waves, these signal rays will immediately be scattered and interrupted. At this time, the sensor will send an alarm signal to the control center that was previously set up.

Thanks to this principle, the system can detect unusual intrusions and activate mechanisms such as alarms, turning on lights, opening doors or adjusting air conditioning. This not only improves security but also optimizes the use of electrical equipment, increasing convenience for users.

Advantages of motion sensor systems

Motion sensor system is known as one of the leading security protection solutions thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

Send signals when there is an emergency

When an illegal intruder enters the house, the motion sensor will immediately send a warning to the homeowner. This allows users to promptly react, prevent and report to authorities for assistance. This is one of the advantages that users appreciate when using motion sensor devices.

Sensing unauthorized intrusion

Installing a motion sensor system will help keep your home safe from incidents such as illegal break-ins, theft, etc. When detecting unusual movement, the device will immediately send a signal. warn users, helping them take timely countermeasures. Furthermore, the sensor also easily recognizes and distinguishes the presence of people or animals in the house, helping to minimize false alarms to customers.

Save electricity

Thanks to the ability to sense temperature on the body, the lighting system can automatically adjust conveniently and effectively. This not only helps users save energy but also avoids wasting it when no one is using it.


In addition to being an anti-theft solution and warning of unauthorized intrusion by strangers, the motion sensor system is also used as a smart monitoring device in families with young children. Thanks to the motion detection feature, this sensor can detect when the baby moves to dangerous locations such as balconies, stairs,…

Popular types of motion sensors today

Depending on the supporting technology and purpose of use, motion sensors are divided into 4 main types as follows:

Infrared motion sensor (PIR)

This type of motion sensor is used to detect body temperature and provide warnings about the presence of people or animals. This sensor operates on the principle of emitting and receiving infrared radiation signals in the surrounding environment and then sending the signal to the central controller. Thanks to its high sensitivity, PIR is widely used in security monitoring systems, automatic lighting and smart home devices.

Microwave motion sensor

A type of sensor that works by sending microwave pulses into the environment to monitor the movement of objects in the surrounding area. This type of microwave motion sensor uses radar with a frequency of 5.8 GHz to receive motion signals within a range of less than 10m. However, because the measuring range is quite narrow, this type of sensor is often used to measure liquid and solid levels in industrial tanks or in automatic lighting systems.

Ultrasonic motion sensor

Ultrasonic motion sensors use emitted ultrasonic waves to monitor and track the movement of objects within a certain spatial range. By reflecting sound waves, this sensor responds precisely to calculating the position and movement of objects in the environment. This type of sensor has high accuracy and fast response, so it is often used in applications such as ultrasonic sensors for cars, measuring the size and level of water and fuel in industry, etc. .

Dual technology motion sensor

This is an advanced sensor that combines infrared technology and microwave detection technology. By emitting and receiving infrared/microwave waves, this sensor provides high sensitivity and accuracy in detecting and responding to motion. This is a popular choice in security systems, smart home automation, automatic lighting systems and applications that require high sensitivity and accuracy.

Instructions on how to install a motion sensor system

Motion sensor systems bring many benefits to your family such as security, energy saving and comfort. Installing this system is not too complicated, you can do it yourself at home with the following steps:

Step 1:

Choose locations such as walls, ceilings, corners, doors,… or places suitable for the device’s intended use.

After choosing the location, use screws to fix the back cover of the sensor. Next, use the included accessory kit to fix the support plate on the wall or ceiling.

Step 2: Align the stopper to the frame as firmly as possible.

Step 3: Push the stopper from top to bottom of the back panel all the way to hold the sensor in place.

Note when using motion sensor systems

When using a motion sensor system, the following points should be noted to ensure the effectiveness and durability of the device:

  • Follow the installation and usage steps according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Minimize direct touching of the device’s sensor surface to ensure sensitivity. If you need to clean the surface of the sensor, you should use a soft clean cloth dipped in an alcohol-based cleaning solution and remember to cut off the power before cleaning.
  • Do not install or use the device in environments with strong temperature changes to ensure the sensitivity and effectiveness of the sensor.
  • Install at a height of about 2m and parallel to the wall to ensure the most effective performance.
  • Although motion sensors are very effective, they cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe. Therefore, users should combine increased vigilance to protect their own safety.

SECOM – Consulting and providing reputable motion sensor system solutions

If you are looking for a reputable motion sensor system construction unit for your home or business, SECOM will provide the most optimal solution for you. Established in 1962 in Japan, SECOM has quickly affirmed its position as a leading security company specializing in consulting and providing modern, high-quality security solutions. With more than 6 decades of development, SECOM has expanded its operations to more than 18 countries including Vietnam since 2006.

SECOM is proud to become a reputable partner of many businesses, organizations and individuals in the field of security. Currently, most of the sensor devices in the system are manufactured and used by us, including:

  • Main control cabinet: Controls all devices and connects to the control center.
  • IC Tag: Turns the system on and off like a key.
  • Warning light: Lights up when there is an alarm or in an emergency.
  • Keypad: Turns the system on and off.
  • Emergency button: Used in case of emergency and always monitored 24/7.
  • Magnetic sensor: Detects door opening or prying.
  • Infrared sensor: Detect intrusion based on body temperature.
  • Safe sensor: Monitor the safe to avoid being moved or opened.
  • Fence sensor: Detects intrusion through fence walls.
  • Rolling door sensor: Monitor rolling doors.

In addition, SECOM also provides other diverse security services such as online alarm monitoring, surveillance camera systems, metal detector gates, X-ray luggage screening systems, and management systems. Manage doors, gates and keys.

Different from many security companies on the market, the motion sensor solution consulting service at SECOM has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Outstanding quality: Applying advanced security technology and meeting international security standards.
  • Dedicated professionalism: Experienced consulting staff, ready to support customers 24/7.
  • Diverse services: Meet all customer needs, from households, businesses to large organizations.
  • Commitment to security: Ensuring absolute safety for customers’ data and assets.
  • Competitive prices: Security solutions with reasonable prices, suitable for many customers.

With extensive experience and commitment to providing optimal security solutions, SECOM is confident in providing high quality, professional, and dedicated services to customers in Vietnam. Contact SECOM immediately for free consultation and choose the most suitable security solution.

Above is basic information about motion sensor systems that are widely used in remote security monitoring systems, warnings and home electronic devices. Hopefully this information will be useful, helping you choose the appropriate sensor type and use it most effectively.

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