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May. 7, 2024

What is Time Attendance? Top Popular Forms of Timekeeping 2024

Timekeeping is one of the important activities in human resource management of every business. Besides traditional timekeeping methods such as bookkeeping, many units have now applied many new and more modern forms. Depending on usage needs and conditions, businesses need to consider carefully to choose the most suitable form. In the article below, SECOM Vietnam will answer questions related to what timekeeping is and suggest some of the most common forms of timekeeping today.

Learn what the concept of timekeeping is?

The concept of timekeeping is defined as a form of tracking and recording employee work and shift schedules. So what is the role of data stored in timekeeping machines? The answer is that based on these timekeeping results, the business owner and the company’s human resources and accounting departments can understand the work schedule, number of days off, and number of times they are late or leave early. each employee.

Thanks to that, the calculation of salary, bonuses and benefits for each individual will be done accurately and reasonably. At the same time, using timekeeping helps ensure labor discipline and raise the sense of responsibility of each member of the company or organization.

Why should businesses use timekeeping?

In this part, let’s learn with SECOM about the importance of timekeeping? In today’s modern business environment, time management and work schedules of company personnel play a very important role. In that context, timekeeping is considered a useful tool for both businesses and employees. So why is it necessary to keep time and how does this form affect it?

For Businesses

When applying the timekeeping method, businesses can easily monitor and evaluate the level of diligence of employees, thereby having a basis for deciding appropriate and accurate rewards and punishments.

Monitor attendance and evaluate employee work attitude: By recording each employee’s attendance and off-shift time, businesses can monitor and evaluate the employee’s attitude and diligence level. Surname. Data from timesheets can be compared with provisions in the labor contract to provide objective assessments of employee performance.
Basis for calculating salary and deciding on rewards and penalties: Timekeeping method will provide actual working time to calculate employee salary. In addition, timekeeping data will be the basis for making appropriate reward and punishment decisions for employees. Thereby creating a fair, disciplined working environment and encouraging employee diligence.

For employees

Timekeeping also plays an important role for each employee, specifically:

Show diligence and responsibility for work: Timekeeping is a form that clearly reflects an employee’s work performance, demonstrating diligence and responsibility for work.
Clear salary and bonus: Timesheets will provide clear information about actual working hours and days off, allowing employees to compare and evaluate fairness in salary calculation. From there, it shows that timekeeping is not only a management tool but also an important basis for employees to protect their rights during the work process.

Popular forms of timekeeping in 2024

With the continuous development of technology and the rapidly changing working environment, timekeeping forms are increasingly improved and diversified. Depending on human resource management needs, businesses need to consider carefully when deciding on a timekeeping solution. Below are the most popular forms today as well as their advantages and limitations when applied in practice.

Timekeeping form using Excel

Description Business owners, human resources, accounting and employees will participate in recording and tracking work on Excel spreadsheets. Every day, timekeeping data will be saved, making it easy to control and monitor employee work progress.
Application Applicable to small and medium sized companies.
Fast and convenient.
Using simple.
Excel software is completely free.

Errors are likely to occur.
Lack of initiative in testing.

Form of timekeeping by paper card

Description Every time when clocking in, employees will put their paper card into the timekeeping machine. The machine will print the date and time on paper cards, recording the time employees arrive and leave their shifts. Time cards are often divided into columns corresponding to work shifts such as morning shifts, afternoon shifts or overtime shifts.
Application Applicable to small and medium sized companies.
Simple installation, easy moving.
Usage is simple and easy to understand.
Fast timekeeping speed.
Optimize cost savings.

Paper cards are easily damaged, so they are difficult to preserve.
Can cause fraud and cross-timekeeping between employees.
The process of synthesizing information is prone to errors and takes a lot of time and effort.
Form of timekeeping by magnetic card

The cost of printing magnetic cards is quite high.
Fraud can occur when no one is supervising.

Form of timekeeping by face

Description Integrated with modern recognition technology, this facial recognition timekeeping solution will rely on the unique characteristics of each face to compare, identify and identify employees. Employees just need to stand in front of the timekeeper’s camera and the system will automatically identify and record their working time information.
Application Suitable for all types of companies, from small to large sizes.
High accuracy, 100% anti-fraud ability.
Save costs of printing cards and timekeeping papers.
Overcome problems arising from cards and fingerprints.
Data connects to the computer, increasing information processing speed.

Installation costs are often quite expensive.
Data processing speed is slower than timekeeping with paper or plastic cards.

Fingerprint timekeeping form

Description Combined with fingerprint biometric technology, the time attendance machine has the ability to quickly and easily determine the identity of each employee through fingerprints. When clocking in, employees just need to place their fingers on the machine and the system will automatically identify them through previously stored fingerprints.
Application Suitable for all types of companies, from small to large sizes.
Prevent fraud.
Guaranteed absolute accuracy.
Timekeeping process is quick.
No costs for card printing.
Can extract data, information about overtime days, holidays,…

It is difficult to identify fingerprints when hands are wet, injured or too cold.
People with faded or worn fingerprints will be difficult to pick up and identify.

Form of timekeeping by iris

Description Each person’s iris will have unique characteristics, not overlapping with anyone else’s. When employees clock in, the machine’s system will scan and store their iris images. After each timekeeping, the system will compare the latest image with saved data to determine the employee’s identity.
Application Suitable for places requiring high security.
Ensuring high accuracy, up to 100%.
Fast recognition speed, saves time.
Using simple.
Safe for users.

Installation costs are higher than other timekeeping methods.

Form of timekeeping using software


In today’s market, there are two popular forms of using timekeeping software for businesses:

Timekeeping using Wifi: Timekeeping machines are connected to the Wifi network, allowing timekeeping data to be transmitted directly to the cloud computing platform. Employees can easily clock time via Internet-connected devices such as phones, computers, laptops,…
Timekeeping using GPS positioning: For businesses with employees working in many different locations, timekeeping software combined with GPS positioning is the right choice. When employees clock in via their device, the system will use GPS data to determine their current location and record the time spent there.

Flexible and convenient application, employees can clock in anywhere, so it is suitable for companies with employees working remotely.
Save time for managers.
Flexible application for businesses.
New experiences for employees, creating a modern working environment.

Internet connection required.
Employees need to know how to use software and connected devices.

Timekeeping form using AI Camera

Description Through facial recognition technology, AI Camera has the ability to automatically determine employees’ working hours and entry and exit times accurately. After scanning, the data will be compiled and processed by timekeeping software, creating a basis for calculating salaries, bonuses and penalties suitable for employees.
This camera timekeeping solution application is suitable for all types of companies, from small to large in size.
Prevent fraud.
There is a warning feature when strangers appear in restricted areas.
There is no cost for making a card.
Track employee travel routes via cameras.

High initial investment costs.
Risk of violating employee privacy rights.

Notes when installing timekeeping system

Installing a timekeeping system is an important step in managing a business’s human resources. So what are the important notes when installing a timekeeping system? To ensure effective, long-term operations and in accordance with requirements and purposes, businesses need to pay attention to the following important issues:

Choose a suitable timekeeper

After understanding the importance of timekeeping, one of the ways to install a standard timekeeping machine is to choose the appropriate type of timekeeping machine to help optimize management efficiency and improve productivity. productivity and cost savings for businesses. Below are some suggestions to help businesses decide on the best form of timekeeping:

Paper card timekeeping machine: Suitable for small stores, clothing shops, grocery stores with a small number of employees.
Magnetic card time clock: Suitable for use in large businesses and offices with a large number of employees.
Time attendance machine with fingerprint, iris, face: Application in places requiring high security such as research rooms, procuratorates to ensure high accuracy and security.
Timekeeping with online software: Applicable to companies with employees working remotely, creating flexibility and convenience in the timekeeping process
Choose a timekeeper from a reputable supplier

With the popularity of timekeeping machines, on the market today there are many units providing this product with different quality and price. Therefore, if you do not have much experience in choosing to buy a timekeeper, go to reputable brands to ensure product quality. Besides, when choosing the right supplier, you will receive the best price and long-term warranty policy.

Choose a timekeeper with a reasonable price

Price is also an important factor that businesses need to consider when choosing to buy a timekeeper. Besides the variety of timekeeping forms, each timekeeping device will have different prices, depending on function and design. According to the survey, the price of timekeeping machines will range from 2,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND.

Choose a reputable installation unit

Finding a reputable timekeeping consulting and installation unit helps ensure the system operates effectively, meeting the human resource management needs of the business. SECOM is proud to be a unit specializing in providing solutions for installing superior and best quality time attendance systems. With extensive experience and a team of professional staff, you can completely trust SECOM from planning, choosing a timekeeper, providing necessary materials to installation and user instructions. use, maintenance and servicing. Contact SECOM immediately if you are in need of installing a timekeeping machine for your business.

The above article explains what the concept of timekeeping is and the common forms of timekeeping found today. Hopefully, through the above information, you will find the most suitable method to apply for your business. If you need advice and installation of timekeeping machines, please contact SECOM for the fastest support.

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