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May. 7, 2024

What is a Wifi camera? Should I use a wifi camera or not?

In modern society, the field of security cameras has had great innovation and development. Not stopping at traditional camera systems with cumbersome wires, the introduction of Wifi camera systems is a new step forward in security technology. Because of Vietnamese specialties, this product line brings convenience in operation and safety to the user’s family and property. What is this Wifi camera tool? All will be answered in detail by SECOM in the article below.

Overview of Wifi cameras

When it comes to smart security monitoring devices, Wifi cameras are not too far away. This is one of the advanced surveillance devices that many customers trust and choose to observe and control all activities taking place within the camera range. To learn more about what a wifi camera is, its configuration and how it works, please follow the content below.

What is wifi camera?

First of all, we will learn about the concept of what a Wifi IP camera is. This is a camera device that is controlled and managed remotely via the Internet. With the ability to digitize, process and encode images directly in the camera, this product offers outstanding advantages in information quality and outstanding features. Each Wifi camera is assigned a separate IP address, allowing it to operate independently or integrated into a large surveillance system without any quantity restrictions.

“IP” in Wifi IP camera stands for “Internet Protocol” – data transmission protocol over the network. Wifi cameras will connect directly to the network through the router, without the need for an intermediate computer. Data from the camera can be transmitted over the network, allowing users to remotely monitor security via Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, computers,…

What is the configuration and operating principle of the Wifi Camera?

Currently, Wifi cameras are the top choice in security solutions thanks to their sturdy and versatile construction. A typical Wifi IP camera will include the following parts:

  • Body: Flexible design with the ability to rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically.
  • Speaker part: Anti-hijack warning and supports two-way conversation with clear sound.
  • Microphone: Supports two-way conversation and current field recording.
  • Infrared: Includes from 4 to 12 infrared eyes depending on type, helping to see clearly in low light conditions.

So what is the operating principle of Wifi cameras, is there anything different from the camera transmission system of devices? In fact, this device operates quite simply with the function of recording, storing and transmitting images via the Internet. Users need to download the application, log in and log in to their account to monitor videos remotely.

The system will alert information via the user’s phone or email if any problems are detected. In particular, the Wifi camera has an integrated sound warning mode when detecting uninvited guests. In case the phone battery runs out, the infrared camera will send a reminder when the power is turned on, helping you grasp the situation and handle it promptly.

Wifi cameras are divided into how many types?

On the current market, Wifi camera lines are classified based on installation location and features. Each type offers effective security solutions, meeting a variety of user needs.

  • Type of partition according to installation location:
    • Indoor Wifi Camera: Compact and flexible design, suitable for installation in homes, offices or stores. This is typically a device used in babysitting, classroom monitoring, or office observation.
    • Outdoor Wifi Camera: Made with high durability, water resistance and good weather resistance. This type of camera is often installed at gates and doors to help observe and protect property and prevent theft.
  • Sort by features:
    • Infrared cameras: Most outdoor cameras will be designed with infrared eyes and LED lights, supporting night vision or in low light conditions.
    • Wide-angle camera, 360-degree rotation: With the ability to rotate and rotate comprehensively, this type of camera eliminates blind spots, helping to observe the entire space in the most comprehensive and detailed way.
    • 2-way conversation camera: This type of camera allows users to chat directly through the camera, especially useful for families with children or the elderly.

Outstanding features of Wifi IP cameras

Wifi cameras have become a security device with thousands of searches and shares from users on the Internet. To become a popular and trusted product today, what are the superior features of the Wifi surveillance camera line? In the section below, SECOM will help you understand the outstanding advantages of this product!

Installation is quite simple, easy to use

To download a Wifi camera, you just need to connect this camera to Wifi and download the free observation application to your phone, tablet or laptop. Then, you will experience sharp images and smart features from the Wifi camera. With an installation and usage process of just 5 minutes, even people without technical expertise can do it easily and quickly.

Monitor day and night via phone, tablet, laptop or PC

With a simple operating principle, just connect the camera to the Wifi network and transmit images directly to observation devices, you can go anywhere with complete peace of mind and still be able to monitor all activities. at home. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can chat with staff and communicate with family members even though you are thousands of kilometers away.

The resolution of the recording camera is up to 2.0 MP

Wifi camera is a device that possesses outstanding improvements in observation features. With HD or Full HD image resolution, this product provides vivid images and smooth movements like real life. Depending on your viewing requirements, you can choose products with resolutions from 1.0M for standard images, 1.3M for sharper images and 2.0M for an extremely vivid Full HD experience.

Super sensitive night infrared LED light

In conditions of low light or complete lack of light, the Wifi camera will automatically activate the infrared light to be able to observe sharp, black and white images and not miss any even the smallest details. With the infrared feature at night and a vision range of more than 15m, you can observe every important moment in low-light environments.

Wireless wifi camera supports remote 2-way conversation

Wifi IP cameras are equipped with built-in speakers and microphones, allowing flexible two-way conversations remotely. Therefore, you can quickly send notifications, chat or threaten thieves from your phone through the camera. You just need to click on the sound icon on the application, it doesn’t take much time or any other fees.

Has an instant motion alert feature

Installing a Wifi camera with motion warning feature is an effective anti-theft solution, especially when you are not at home. When the anti-theft protection feature is activated, the camera will automatically send an alert to the phone if unusual movement is detected. At the same time, this device will activate the siren to scare away intruders.

Micro SD memory card up to 128 GB

To view recorded videos, you just need to insert the Micro SD memory card into the Wifi camera. Then, you access the review section on the application and select the video you want to watch. When the memory card is full, it will automatically delete the oldest videos to store new videos.

Reasonable price – free software from the company

The Wifi camera is delicately designed, allowing you to observe comprehensively, including hidden corners. In particular, with the ability to rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically, you can easily control this device to rotate according to your wishes through the phone screen.

Some advantages and disadvantages of Wifi cameras

After clearly understanding what the outstanding features of Wifi cameras are, we will continue to explore the advantages and disadvantages of this device. You need to clearly understand these benefits and limitations so that the process of choosing to buy and use the product is most effective.

  • Advantages of Wifi IP cameras:
    • Save costs on wiring and installation compared to traditional cameras.
    • Outstanding rotation ability, allowing users to observe comprehensively without dead angles.
    • Provides two-way audio.
    • Ensures aesthetics because there is no need to drill walls or wire.
    • Easy to install, move and repair.
    • Provides high resolution, for vivid, sharp video images.
    • High capacity memory cards help store data for a long time and conveniently.
    • Infrared eye technology helps you see in low light or at night.
    • Reasonable product price.
    • Send alerts to your phone, laptop,… immediately.
  • Disadvantages of Wifi IP cameras:
    • Wifi cameras are more difficult to connect to than traditional camera systems.
    • Installing Wifi cameras for multi-storey buildings requires more costs for Wifi transmission.
    • Only suitable for small spaces such as restaurants, offices, private homes,…

Compare the difference between WiFi IP cameras and traditional cameras

To help you better understand the difference between traditional cameras and Wifi cameras, SECOM will present details in the table below. The comparison content includes outstanding features of the operating principles, advantages and disadvantages and applications of the two devices.

Wifi cameras Traditional cameras
Principle of operation Operates independently, just plug in the power and connect to Wifi, can be easily observed and controlled via smart mobile devices. Need to use wire to transmit images to the processing camera’s recorder, video images can be viewed on the TV screen, no need to connect to the Internet.
Advantage – Can be controlled remotely via an application on a phone with an Internet connection.

– Multi-monitoring features.

– Theft warning.

– Connecting via wire should ensure stable transmission.

– Sharp image.

– Long lifespan.

Defect Depends on the network. – Few features.

– High cost.

Application Suitable for small spaces such as shops, children’s rooms, family rooms,… Suitable for large spaces such as factories, enterprises, commercial centers,…

Should I choose and use a wireless Wifi Camera?

With the above outstanding features, Wifi IP cameras deserve to be a reliable choice. However, if you are still wondering whether to install a Wifi camera or not, let SECOM help you analyze the important reasons for choosing and using this device in the content below.

Help protect the family, observe the maids and look after the children

First, Wifi IP cameras will help you monitor all activities and scenes in your family when you are not at home. From there, you can monitor and capture your family’s schedule and living habits. Through this device, you can also check the maid’s actions and send them notifications when necessary.

Prevent theft and break-in

Understanding the psychology of users, Wifi IP cameras will be an effective companion, helping to prevent break-ins. This device’s motion warning feature will help you effectively prevent theft incidents. Whenever there is any unusual activity in the observation area, the camera will immediately send a notification to your phone.

Effective human resource management

Wifi cameras act as an indispensable assistant for store managers and owners by providing realistic video and sharp images. You can watch directly via your phone or review thanks to the storage function on the Micro SD memory card. With this smart device, management will become easier and more convenient. You do not need to go onsite to monitor employees and customers at the company, factory or store.

SECOM – A company specializing in consulting on the design and installation of reputable surveillance camera systems

If you are in need of consulting on installing an IP surveillance camera system for your project, SECOM is the perfect choice. We are proud to be a unit specializing in providing new generation security system solutions. Understanding customers’ concerns and worries, SECOM is always dedicated and enthusiastic, “tailor-made” for each security solution. With extensive experience in this field, when choosing SECOM as a consultant to design and install security surveillance camera systems, customers will receive the best support:

Support customers in developing the most suitable plans, equipment options and installation locations for smart surveillance camera systems, using experience and security knowledge from many years of operation in the security field.

Experienced staff will advise customers on how to operate the system, who will monitor the system and provide cameras with sensors, linked to other systems.

SECOM always provides warranty support after completing the transaction, our technical staff are always ready to assist when problems occur.

The above article has answered the question of what a Wifi camera is and the superior features of this device. Hopefully the information provided by SECOM will help you easily choose the product that best suits your needs. If you are interested in reputable surveillance camera design and installation consulting services, please contact us immediately for quick support.

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