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May. 3, 2024

Top 15+ Best Time Attendance Software for Businesses 2024

Timekeeping software is considered an optimal solution to help businesses automate the working time management process and effectively improve employee work progress. With the development of technology, more and more timekeeping software with modern features is being born, meeting the diverse needs of businesses. In this article, SECOM Vietnam will synthesize and introduce the top most convenient and commonly used timekeeping applications today.

Top best timekeeping software for businesses today

Effective working time management is the key to helping businesses optimize employee productivity and save on human resource management costs. In particular, timekeeping software was born as a breakthrough solution, supporting businesses to perform this work accurately and automatically. Below are some highly rated timekeeping applications for businesses today:

Tanca online timekeeping software

Tanca is a newly launched employee timekeeping app in Vietnam, with both online and offline versions, suitable for businesses with complex shift division systems. With a capacity suitable for most popular timekeeping machines such as Zkteco, Wise Eye, Ronald Jack,… Tanca phone timekeeping software has many features to support the timekeeping process such as making leave applications. , going on business trips, summarizing work, leaving early, creating shifts, etc. A special feature of Tanca is that there is both a Web version and a timekeeping application on the phone, helping users to be more flexible and convenient when using it. use.

Wise Eyes timekeeping application

Wise Eyes is one of the first computer timekeeping software in Vietnam, outstanding with good compatibility on Ronald Jack timekeeping machines and also has a Web version. However, because it is first-class software, Wise Eyes’ programming language and design may be old and many features are not well optimized for other applications.

Timekeeping software for Mitaco employees

Mitaco free timekeeping software is a version quite similar to Wise Eyes, suitable for older versions of timekeeping machines. Although initially running quite stable, Mitaco will have difficulty synchronizing with new versions of timekeeping machines such as image recognition or magnetic cards. However, Mitaco still scores points with users with the feature of retrieving the working time of all employees and providing easy timesheets for each specific time on Excel.

Paradise timekeeping software

Free Paradise timekeeping software is a popular choice for businesses thanks to its fast information processing speed. With light capacity and high stability, Paradise provides detailed and accurate employee, salary, overtime and leave management features. Although the interface is not too beautiful and there is no mobile version yet, the ability to connect with many timekeepers and Excel-like interface brings a familiar and convenient experience to users.

FTA timekeeping application

The FTA timekeeping application is highly appreciated for its super fast calculation speed of just 40 seconds for 1800 employees on basic computers. With a capacity of only about 11MB after download, FTA provides computing and processing capabilities in many different cases such as paid leave or maternity leave. This free fingerprint timekeeping software also has 17 built-in free report templates to help businesses manage payroll easily. With a simple interface and compatibility with many timekeeping devices, FTA is a popular choice for many businesses.

Timekeeping software for employees Ronald Jack Pro

As a software that has existed for a long time in the Vietnamese market, Ronald Jack Pro is designed to be suitable for timekeeping machines of Zkteco, Ronald Jack, Gigata,… With a friendly interface and integrated capabilities. Managing fingerprint data and automatically recording each employee’s work shifts, Ronald Jack Pro is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, this software can also be integrated with the access control system, ensuring optimal security information.

Logicbuy Software timekeeping software

Logicbuy Software has a friendly interface and is compatible with many timekeeping machines such as Ronald Jack, Kobio, Gigata, Wise Eye, etc. The special thing is that Logicbuy Software allows human resource management on mobile phones, Helps businesses become more convenient in managing employees. In addition, the software provides a variety of payroll reports and integrates with other software such as human resources management, accounting software,… to help optimize the business’s human resources management process.

HRAD fingerprint time attendance software

HRAD is capable of connecting to all types of timekeeping machines on the market today such as RonaldJack, Timetrex, Gigata, Mita, ZKteco, Wise Eye, Osin,… With the ability to connect 50 different timekeeping machines in many locations. In different locations, HRAD software is suitable for chain and system businesses. Although the interface can be difficult to use and the price is not cheap compared to other software, it is possible to have HRAD free payroll time and attendance software for 7 days. At the same time, it has centralized connection and effective management features as well as providing features to automatically download and synchronize fingerprints throughout the system, manage and detect timekeeping fraud.

TimeSOFT timekeeping software

TimeSOFT is one of the software highly appreciated by users with an optimized interface and smooth use, along with the ability to integrate with timekeeping machines from leading brands such as Wise eye, Ronald Jack, Gigata, … In particular, TimeSOFT integrates EU technology, automatically storing employee and timekeeping data, ensuring security. In addition, this software can be used online to manage timekeeping and support employee timekeeping data management via magnetic cards, fingerprints, manage lists of employees who come in late, leave early and automatically update. timekeeping regulations.

fCheckin timekeeping software

fCheckin is a newly launched timekeeping software from Fastdo, integrating GPS positioning and can be used on online platforms. This software is flexible with the best pricing policy on the market and helps human resources departments save time and compare timesheets quickly. At the same time, fCheckin timekeeping software also provides many outstanding features such as timekeeping for all types of businesses, flexible shift division, minimizing time spent checking time sheets and building a culture of self-discipline in the organization. position.

Time attendance management software TAS-ERP

TAS ERP time attendance management software is a single-task solution, allowing independent installation and use on many different computers. With a simple and Vietnamese interface, TAS ERP helps users easily operate without taking much time to get used to. At the same time, TAS-ERP also integrates many outstanding features such as human resource management, employee working time, and automatically calculates timekeeping data accurately and in detail.

CoffeeHR timekeeping software

CoffeeHR is a leading payroll and timekeeping software today, with many convenient features to support businesses. Highlights of this software are diverse timekeeping methods, managing invoices and permissions, setting up complex work shifts and discrepancies warnings, automating timesheets and salary conversion, along with reports. diverse management reports. In particular, this software can link with other modules such as payroll, creating a total solution for businesses.

Timekeeping application for Hubstaff employees

Hubstaff timekeeping application is a remarkable solution for human resources management of medium and large enterprises. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Hubstaff helps users manage all aspects of human resources effectively. In particular, this software is supported on both Windows and MacOS platforms at a reasonable cost of use, bringing flexibility to users.

Timekeeping software on VeriClock phones

VeriClock is a timekeeping software on phones with an eye-catching interface and reasonable price. This timekeeping app on the phone has the ability to combine with third-party software to optimize work efficiency and provide convenient mapping and warning functions. In addition, VeriClock is also compatible with many timekeeping models and supports both Android and iOS platforms for only $15/month.

TSheets employee timekeeping software

TSheets is a versatile timekeeping application on employee phones, providing a powerful and accurate human resources management solution. With a new and intuitive interface, this software supports both timekeeping and human resource management at the same time. At the same time, this employee timekeeping application also integrates many outstanding features such as an effective timekeeping management system, supporting use on both Windows and MacOS platforms with a free online timekeeping software version and Paid version costs 20 USD/month.

Base Checkin Android employee timekeeping application

Base Checkin Android employee timekeeping application is part of the system, designed to support human resource management in businesses. The main features of the application include displaying employee and individual user timekeeping logs, automatically updating timekeeping information, connecting to many different timekeeping clients and easily searching and responding. Return timekeeping information.

The benefits of timekeeping software bring to businesses

Timekeeping software is becoming increasingly popular in businesses because of the great benefits it brings to human resource management. Below are some typical benefits of using personal timekeeping software or apps for businesses:

  • Strict time management: Accurately monitor employees’ check-in/out time, late arrival/early departure, helping managers easily grasp the working situation and ensure fairness for everyone.
  • Manage days off/absent shifts: Allow employees to register for leave and absent shifts online, helping managers easily monitor and approve.
  • Ensuring data transparency: Timekeeping data is stored electronically, has the ability to be retrieved, ensuring transparency and accuracy.
  • Avoid timekeeping on your behalf: Using advanced authentication methods such as fingerprint, face, magnetic card helps eliminate the situation of timekeeping on your behalf.
  • Work automation: Some timekeeping software has the ability to automate timesheets and support payroll automation, helping to save time and optimize work processes.
  • Optimize time to synthesize and make time sheets/payroll: The software automatically calculates working hours, overtime hours, annual leave,…, helping to save time and improve work efficiency.
  • Create a professional working environment: Using timekeeping software demonstrates professionalism in the enterprise’s human resource management. At the same time, when strictly managed by software, employees will be more aware of complying with working hours.

Criteria for choosing suitable timekeeping software for businesses

Choosing the right timekeeping software plays an important role in improving human resource management efficiency and optimizing costs for businesses. Here are 3 important criteria to consider when choosing software:

  • Full features: Choose a timekeeping application that has all the features such as accurate timekeeping tracking, payroll integration, the ability to work offline, and effective reporting and alerts.
  • Appropriate price: Determine your budget before purchasing software and choose a product with a price suitable to the needs and financial capacity of the business.
  • Technical support: Make sure the software provider will provide regular technical support and feature updates to help businesses resolve technical issues quickly and effectively.

Some frequently asked questions when choosing employee timekeeping software

Should I use a free timekeeping application?

Using a free timekeeping app can be a good way to test the software’s functionality. However, it should be noted that free versions often have limited features and usage time. Therefore, you need to carefully check the features and reputation of the provider to ensure the software meets the needs of your business in the long term.

What types of timekeeping machines can the timekeeping software be combined with?

Timekeeping software is capable of combining with many different types of timekeeping machines such as Ronald Jack, Gigata, Wise Eye, Mita and many other types of machines on the market today. However, connectivity depends on the specific software, so you should check in advance the compatibility of the software with the timekeeper you are using.

How does the timekeeping application work?

Personal timekeeping applications work by collecting information about each employee’s check-in, overtime, late arrival, and early departure times. This information is then recorded and stored to manage and audit employee work. In addition, the software also supports salary calculation for employees, including salary calculation according to available payroll.
Thus, the article has compiled the best timekeeping software available today, hoping to bring useful information to individuals and businesses. If your business is looking for an optimal and convenient human resource management solution, please contact SECOM immediately for advice on the company’s management system provision service. We are always ready to accompany your business to bring the best human resource management solutions at reasonable costs.

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