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Apr. 26, 2024

What is a Smart Camera System? 10+ Quality Smart Cameras

The smart camera system will be a great assistant in monitoring, tracking and warning if signs of intrusion are detected. Not only that, smart CCTV can also connect with smart devices to support users in recording and storing data when necessary. If you still do not understand what a security surveillance camera system is, please follow the following article from SECOM to update the most detailed information.

What is a smart surveillance camera system?

A smart surveillance camera system is a device system that helps users record panoramic images of their home space and assets. Smart CCTVs also have the ability to move according to targets, so the device can record all events occurring within a permitted range. Smart cameras can also be controlled and updated through an application on phones, tablets, laptops,…
Currently, there are two types of smart CCTV: wired and wireless. For wireless cameras, they will operate based on Internet connection to transfer data from the server through the cloud platform. Meanwhile, wired CCTV will be physically connected to on-site video storage devices, IP camera video recorders (NVRs) and digital recorders (DVRs). Although smart camera systems do not rely on Wifi, they can connect to the Internet to view data via Ethernet cables.

Outstanding features of the smart camera system

Smart camera systems are increasingly popular with consumers thanks to their superior features compared to traditional cameras. Here are some outstanding features of smart CCTV systems that you should know:

  • Can easily connect to the Internet without using an Ethernet cable.
  • Supports cloud storage to help users retrieve data more easily.
  • Image and video data have medium to high resolution to help users easily recognize faces.
  • The smart camera system is equipped with infrared rays and motion sensors to help users observe and monitor the situation at all times, day or night.
  • In case of detecting unusual signs, smart CCTV will emit a signal to let intruders know they are being monitored by cameras.
  • Supports users to connect to applications on smartphones and tablets for convenient remote security control.
  • Send intrusion alarms to users via applications and Internet connections when detecting unusual intrusions.
  • The smart camera system allows users to adjust the CCTV position to the location that needs to be checked.

What are the components of a smart surveillance camera system?

The smart surveillance camera system includes many devices connected to each other, to ensure that security monitoring activities take place in the best possible way. Accordingly, smart CCTV will include main components such as camera eye, hard drive, camera source, connection wire and video recorder.

Video recorder (digital)

It can be said that the video recorder is an indispensable part of the wired camera system. Especially in locations with many cameras installed, the video recorder also has the task of connecting them together. Accordingly, each recorder will be equipped with an additional hard drive to save the videos that users want to watch. Currently, on the market there are many different types of video recorders such as digital recorders, analog recorders and IP recorders.
In complete contrast to wired CCTV systems, wireless cameras will not use a video recorder. Instead, all footage will be transmitted via the Internet to smart devices so users can monitor and observe anytime, anywhere.

Camera eye

The recording lens or camera eye, camera chip will be able to record all things and events around the area you install. This part is an indispensable component for all smart camera systems. Normally, CCTV resolution will range from 1.0MP – 2.0MP and will be integrated with a number of other technologies such as LED lights and infrared rays to help users observe easily day and night.

Hard Drive

The hard drive component of the camera system will be specialized for monitoring, unlike normal computer hard drives. Accordingly, smart CCTV hard drives have a huge storage capacity of 500GB – 6TB, depending on the camera’s features. In addition, they also have the ability to operate continuously 24 hours instead of 8 hours/day like computer hard drives. At the same time, the hard drive of the smart camera system is also designed with many registers and erase bars to easily retrieve data.

Camera source

The camera’s power cord plays the role of voltage stabilizer when supporting the conversion of current from 220V AC to 12V DC. At the same time, with the support of the power cord, the life of the smart surveillance camera system will be extended by limiting unstable voltage. Normally, this part will be included when users install a smart surveillance camera system.

Connecting wire

Connection wires will include signal wires and electrical wires. They are often installed in remote places, requiring long power lines. Accordingly, choosing the right type of connection wire is also very important because they will directly affect the transmission signal. You should also pay attention to choosing a wire that is 100% anti-interference to ensure connection. In addition, some cameras also need to be equipped with additional accessories such as signal amplifier balun, bnc jack,…

Benefits of installing a smart surveillance camera system

Installing a smart camera system is an extremely worthy security investment to ensure the safety of your living space. Below are some outstanding benefits when you install smart CCTV.

Guaranteed safety

If your family has elderly people or young children, a smart surveillance camera system will help you keep track of your loved ones when they are away from home. All data and information will be transmitted directly to your smart device, so if an incident occurs, you can control it more easily.

Increase proactiveness

With a smart camera system, some emergency situations such as fire, illegal intrusion, gas leak,… will be recorded and alerted to users. This also helps you be more proactive in preventing and fixing these problems more quickly.

Versatile, multi-tasking

Not only possessing a monitoring function, the smart camera system can also perform tasks such as adjusting temperature, turning on/off lights, etc. However, these features are not equipped with modern equipment. Tea is only integrated into some smart, modern CCTV lines and of course their price is also very high.

Top 10+ popular quality smart surveillance cameras on the market today

With the variety of brands, models and features, choosing the right smart camera system can cause users to encounter many difficulties. Below is a list of 10+ popular, quality, smart CCTV types on the market that you can refer to.

Hikvision cameras

Hikvision is a smart camera brand from the US, specializing in providing smart security solutions such as license plate recognition, people counting, etc. This brand is also the first and pioneering manufacturer in Applying HD-TVI technology to camera equipment.
In addition, Hikvision’s camera models also integrate facial recognition technology, create virtual fences, target tracking technology or observe in the fog. The recording equipment and tools of this brand are also highly stable, with few incidents, in order to bring the best image quality to users.

Panasonic cameras

Surely, the Panasonic electronic brand is no longer a strange name to Vietnamese people. Accordingly, the Panasonic smart camera system is equipped with many impressive features, with up to 4K resolution in every detail to minimize blurring when in use. In addition, this Panasonic device also allows users to monitor widely through a 6X zoom lens with a 100-degree viewing angle.

Osamic Camera

Osamic is a relatively new brand but the camera quality is super durable and has sharp image quality. Currently, in the Vietnamese market there are two main product lines: imported complete units and domestically produced and assembled goods. Accordingly, smart CCTV from Osamic also has the function of warning break-ins via phones, TVs, computers, tablets, etc. With beautiful, durable images, Osamic’s smart camera system also gradually asserted its position in the market.

AIWA cameras

AIWA brand cameras will provide comprehensive security solutions for homes and businesses. Accordingly, this brand offers high-resolution smart CCTV systems with the ability to automatically track human subjects. In addition, AIWA always prioritizes the application of the most modern technology in its products, to provide users with the most optimal security experience.

Camera Nichietsu

Nichietsu is a security camera brand from Japan, famous for its high quality and durable equipment over time. With many years of operation in this field, Nichietsu has provided a diverse range of smart CCTV equipment to suit all needs, from households and businesses to factories and warehouses. Not only that, Nichietsu Camera also meets IP65 waterproof standard to ensure stable operation in many different weather conditions.

Yoosee 3mpx camera

Yoosee offers a wireless smart camera system combined with Granville Times Technology software unit, allowing users to manage the device through a separate account. Yoosee camera is integrated with an infrared light sensor with a screen resolution of up to 3mpx, to support users in observing and monitoring both day and night. At the same time, with the Yoosee application developed by the brand, users can also receive messages or notifications when the system detects movement.

Sony cameras

Smart camera systems from Sony have long been highly appreciated for both the quality and durability of the product. With high-resolution devices, users can completely monitor and monitor their home space via phones, TVs, and computers anytime, anywhere. It can be said that Sony cameras are the perfect security solution with many outstanding features and stable operation regardless of temperature and weather conditions.

ICat Outdoor Wifi smart camera

ICat Outdoor Wifi Camera System is a specialized product for outdoor installation, integrated into the ecosystem from Hunonic. This device supports users to access sharp images and videos with only smartphones connected to the Internet. In addition, the ICat Outdoor Wifi Camera also has an extremely wide scanning angle to minimize dead areas. Therefore, ICat Indoor is one of the top quality camera devices that you can refer to

ICat Indoor Wifi smart camera

ICat Indoor Smart Wifi Camera device allows users to extract data with high quality without going through a video recorder. Not only that, this product also has a built-in mic and speaker to facilitate two-way communication. In terms of appearance, ICat Indoor has a minimalist, compact design but is still extremely aesthetic. In addition, this device also has up to 64G of memory, supporting users in storing large-capacity images and videos.

Xiaomi anti-theft camera

Anti-theft cameras are also one of the best-selling products of the Xiaomi brand. Accordingly, this device has a simple design, compact design but no less luxurious and modern. In addition, the Xiaomi smart camera system can also rotate 360 degrees, to minimize dead corners in the installation area. In addition, Xiaomi smart CCTV lines are also equipped with dust and water resistance, thereby improving product life.

Things to note when installing a smart camera system

In general, current smart camera designs are compact, to create the most favorable conditions for users when installing. However, before deciding to buy a smart surveillance camera system, you need to keep in mind the following factors to take full advantage of the product’s features:

  • Choose a reputable, quality distributor to avoid buying poor quality products that are not warranted in case of damage.
  • Determine in advance the smart CCTV installation location to maximize space visibility and limit dead corners.
  • Choose the type of camera equipment suitable for the purpose of use and installation location because camera models all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Determine the number of cameras to install so that you can observe the entire space you want while still saving costs.
  • Pay close attention to the customer care regime and warranty policy in case the camera is damaged during use.

SECOM – Consulting on design and installation of reputable surveillance camera systems

SECOM is a leading company in the field of providing security solutions for private homes, shops, offices and larger scale projects such as warehouses and factories. When choosing SECOM, you will be consulted on the design, installation and maintenance of the smart camera system that best suits your personal needs and budget.
With many years of security knowledge and experience, SECOM is committed to providing comprehensive designs to help smart CCTVs be installed accurately at essential locations and corners to optimally serve security needs. , safe. In case of necessity, SECOM also provides customers with special camera equipment with sensor systems and the ability to link with other security systems.
Not only that, SECOM also always supports customers in ensuring the system maximizes its anti-theft function effectively. Accordingly, in the event of a system error, our technical staff will directly check and provide support to help customers improve security and confidentiality in the area. If you are looking for a professional unit to design and install smart surveillance camera systems, contact SECOM today.
With the development of technology, the installation and use of smart camera systems is becoming increasingly popular. More than simply tracking and monitoring, smart CCTV also provides comprehensive security solutions. With the list of smart surveillance camera systems that SECOM has compiled above, hopefully you can find a product that suits your needs and budget.

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