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Apr. 16, 2024

Top 13+ Effective Anti-Theft Solutions Today

Theft situation is always a complicated problem that causes confusion, frustration and greatly affects people’s daily life and spirit. In particular, when the economy is still recovering from the pandemic, the risk of theft is still hidden and requires more thorough prevention measures. So how to effectively prevent break-ins? Join SECOM to learn about the best anti-theft solutions, enhancing security for homes as well as stores and business units.

Anti-theft solutions from outside

To prevent theft from outside and increase home security, there are many solutions you can apply. Here are some of the most common ways to prevent burglary from breaking in from outside the house:

Find weak points of the house that can be penetrated

The most effective anti-theft solution is to try to put yourself in the shoes of a thief and walk around the house to find the weak points of the house. The next step is to consider entry points such as windows that can be pried open or parts of the wall that are too low and easy to climb over.
Then, apply appropriate security measures and watch for valuables in the home that are visible and easily stolen from windows. From there, adjust and rearrange intelligently to minimize the risk of theft.

Install iron fence around the house

If your home does not have a fence, installing an iron fence is an effective anti-theft measure to prevent bad people. Metal fences will be more solid and sturdy than concrete fences.
Furthermore, be careful to choose a fence model that has a simple design and is high enough to not create favorable conditions for thieves to climb. In addition, you can also upgrade the fence with a spiked top design or barbed wire fence to increase the safety of your home.

Install an anti-theft camera system around the house

Installing a security camera system around the house is an effective anti-theft solution for families to protect living space. Currently, security camera devices have many features such as motion detection, intrusion detection alarm, remote monitoring,… to help you ensure your family’s safety in the best way.

Fence the terrace

The terrace is often a weak point that is easily chosen by intruders to access the house due to lack of vigilance and not being properly fenced. Therefore, fencing the terrace will be the optimal anti-theft solution that you need to pay attention to, especially if your terrace is in close contact with trees, electricity poles or neighbors’ houses. This helps increase the safety of the house and prevents thieves from climbing into another house.

Trim bushes around the house

Dense bushes and lush plant hedges that are high above your head can create favorable conditions for thieves to hide. Therefore, trim your trees regularly to keep the area around your house neat and unobstructed from view. In particular, if your house has a second floor, trim the tree branches behind to prevent thieves from climbing up.

Carefully protect the parking area

The parking area is a place that attracts a lot of attention from thieves, so carefully protecting this area is also the most effective solution to prevent outside break-ins. Choose a parking location that can be observed from many angles, while avoiding leaving important assets in the car and not leaving spare keys inside, helping to minimize the risk of theft.

Anti-theft solutions from the inside

Besides enhancing security from the outside, ensuring safety from the inside is also something you need to pay attention to. Some anti-theft measures from inside that you can apply to protect your home include:

Be sure to lock windows and doors carefully

An effective interior anti-theft solution that anyone can apply is to always lock all windows and doors whether you are home or not. You should reinforce window latches and use vertical latches for sliding doors to prevent the door from lifting out of the track. At the same time, always remember to lock the door when leaving the house, even if only going out for a short time. This will help prevent bad actions and increase the security of your home.

Use a door lock with good security

Currently on the market there are many types of locks, but mechanical locks are very susceptible to breaking or breaking. Therefore, an effective anti-theft solution is to choose door locks with high security, safe enough to protect from gate locks to door locks of rooms in the house. This will help increase security and reduce the risk of theft.

Carefully store valuable items in the house

To protect valuable objects in your home, instead of leaving them in locations where they can easily be viewed by intruders, you should consider storing them in a safe or a private room with a secure door lock.

Additionally, only give your password to trusted relatives to avoid risks in the event of an emergency. This helps ensure the safety of your valuables and reduces the risk of theft.

Install an anti-theft system inside the house

This is one of the effective anti-theft solutions to prevent break-ins into the house. This system integrates smart sensors and quickly alarms when an intrusion is detected, helping homeowners have quick solutions. In addition, you can install this system in indoor areas such as doors, windows, garage,… to increase home security.

Effective anti-theft solutions when away

Solutions to prevent theft while away are a topic that many people are most interested in today. Here are some ways to prevent break-ins while you are away that you can refer to:

Check the door lock carefully when going out

Usually, thieves often go to houses that look deserted to break in, so before going out you need to carefully check the doors and windows to see if they are locked tightly. In addition, you can leave the curtains slightly open to create the feeling of someone in the house. This will make thieves more hesitant to break into your home.

Set timer to turn on/off lights

This is an effective anti-theft solution because it creates the feeling that there is always someone in the house, making intruders hesitate before deciding to break in. You can set a timer to turn on/off lights in outdoor areas, around entrances and inside rooms every evening. This will increase the security of your home and reduce the risk of becoming a target for thieves.

Install online monitoring system

One of the effective anti-theft solutions that you can apply when you are away is to install an online monitoring system. This system will help you monitor all activities around the house through cameras connected to the internet. You can view images directly from the camera and receive immediate notifications when an incident occurs.
If you are looking for a solution to keep your home and business secure, you can refer to the online monitoring service and anti-theft alarm service combined with SECOM PLUS CCTV monitoring at SECOM.

This system uses dynamic sensors to warn of intruders from outside and notifies immediately via mobile application, helping you handle situations quickly. At the same time, images recorded from the camera are also included, helping customers and Secom clearly understand the scene situation to provide timely solutions.
With more than 60 years of experience in the security field, SECOM has cooperated with more than 3.7 million partners from all business sectors worldwide. In particular, with a team of professional consultants, we are committed to bringing you the most suitable and cost-optimized security solutions. Therefore, please contact SECOM today for advice on online monitoring services and find the most optimal security solution.

It can be seen that applying anti-theft solutions at the right time and in the right way will help you reduce the risk of bad guys paying attention to your living space or trying to break in to steal property. Hopefully, through the useful information that SECOM has just provided, you will choose effective measures to prevent theft and protect your living space, ensuring absolute safety.

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