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Jun. 5, 2024

What is an Airport Security Magnetic Gate? Why should it be installed at the airport?

In the context of increasingly concerned aviation security, airport security gates act as a shield to help protect the safety of passengers and crew. So what is the security gate at the airport? Why is it necessary to install magnetic gates for airports? Join SECOM VN to find out details through the following article!

Learn about what is an airport security gate?

Currently, magnetic security gates are an indispensable device in the security control system at the airport, so what specifically is an airport security magnetic gate? Accordingly, the magnetic security gate at the airport, also known as the metal detector gate, is a device that uses advanced magnetic induction technology to detect metal on people when passing through. This is one of the security scanning systems installed in security control areas at the airport. Magnetic gates play a key role in preventing dangerous items such as weapons, explosives, …

Normally, security gates at airports or metal detection systems at airports will be equipped with basic features including: signal lights in each row of both sides of the gate on one side or both sides, function The ability to sound a siren at the processing center, technology to count the number of people entering and exiting when passing through the gate on the LED or LCD information board.

Why is it necessary to install an airport security magnetic gate system?

Security issues are always of concern and top priority for individuals, businesses, and departments in any field, in which the aviation industry is no exception, but instead receives even more attention. more than ever. Characterized by its large area with thousands of flights and millions of passengers every day, the airport is an area that needs strict security control to ensure the safety of employees, passengers, and passengers. the crew.

By integrating magnetic gates into the security system at the airport, the device will help detect and promptly prevent dangerous behaviors and bring many benefits such as:

  • Ensuring safety for passengers and crew: Electronic security gates help promptly detect subjects carrying dangerous items, thereby effectively controlling security and contributing to passenger safety. , the crew on each flight.
  • Preventing terrorism: Terrorism is always a potential threat in the aviation sector. With electronic security gates at the airport, managers can quickly detect individuals with bad intentions when carrying weapons or explosives on the plane, contributing to thoroughly preventing terrorist attacks.
  • Create a safe mentality for passengers: When passing through the airport security gate, passengers will feel more secure and comfortable throughout the flight. This contributes to improving the quality of aviation services and building reputation for airlines.
  • In accordance with international aviation security regulations: According to regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all airports in the world must install magnetic security gates to ensure the safety of passengers. flights.

Operating principle of airport security magnetic gate

The operating principle of airport security magnetic gates is based on the principle of electromagnetic sensors – a popular technology used in modern security systems. Specifically, the magnetic security gate is designed as an access control system with a sensitive metal sensor, capable of detecting objects containing metal even when they are hidden in clothes or bags.

When an object passes through the magnetic gate, the sensor creates an electronic magnetic field. If the object contains metal, it will cause interference and be recorded by the sensor system. When interference is detected, the system will immediately trigger an alarm signal to the manager. This technology not only helps detect weapons such as guns and knives, but can also identify other dangerous items such as bombs, cutting knives or materials containing metal that can harm the airport area.

The difference between airport security magnetic gates and anti-theft magnetic gates

Although they operate on the same principle of magnetic induction, magnetic security gates installed at airports and anti-theft magnetic gates have some basic differences as follows:


  • Airport security magnetic gate: Used to detect metal on people passing by, to prevent dangerous items such as weapons, explosives,…
  • Anti-theft magnetic gate: Is an effective anti-theft solution used to detect tags attached to products, to prevent theft at stores, supermarkets,…

Operating frequency:

  • Airport security magnetic gates: Often use high frequency (about 50KHz – 300KHz) to be able to detect small sized metals.
  • Anti-theft magnetic gate: Usually uses low frequency (about 1KHz – 10KHz) to save energy and match the tag attached to the product.

Type of stamp used:

  • Airport security magnetic gate: Does not use stamps but relies on the change in magnetic field created by metal.
  • Anti-theft magnetic gate: Use hard magnetic tags or soft magnetic tags. The magnetic tag will change the radio frequency when passing through the magnetic gate, activating the alarm system.


  • Airport security gates: Usually larger in size and permanently installed at airport security control areas.
  • Anti-theft magnetic gate: Has a more compact size and can be moved easily, suitable for stores, supermarkets,…


  • Airport security gates: Usually have a higher price due to the use of more advanced technology and high requirements for accuracy.
  • Anti-theft magnetic gate: Cheaper and suitable for normal use.

It can be seen that, based on the above differences, users will easily decide which type of magnetic gate to use. For places that need safety and strict security management, airport security gates are the most optimal solution. As for establishments that need a security system to prevent theft such as stores, supermarkets, and shopping centers, anti-theft security gates are the right choice.

Currently, this device is being distributed and installed by many security companies on the market. However, if you are looking for a reputable unit in Vietnam specializing in providing security solutions for stores and factory systems, you can consider choosing SECOM.

SECOM – Specializing in consulting and providing reputable security solutions in Vietnam

Established in 1962 in Japan, SECOM quickly affirmed its position as a leading security company specializing in consulting and providing advanced, high-quality security solutions. After more than 6 decades of development, SECOM has expanded its operations to more than 20 countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Currently, SECOM has been present in Vietnam since 2006 and is proud to become a reputable partner of many businesses, organizations and individuals in the security field when providing a variety of services besides installation. Install an airport security magnetic gate system such as:

  • Online alarm monitoring service
  • Camera surveillance system
  • Metal detector gate, X-ray baggage scanner
  • Security services
  • Door management system
  • Gate management system
  • Key management system

Different from many security companies on the market, security equipment installation and consulting services at SECOM stand out with many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Top reputation: SECOM is a reputable Japanese security company with more than 60 years of experience, highly appreciated for the quality of products and services.
  • Outstanding quality: We are always a pioneer in applying the most advanced security technologies to our products and services. Accordingly, SECOM’s security solutions are strictly tested and meet international security standards.
  • Dedicated professionalism: Our staff is well-trained and professional with many years of experience in the security field. We are always ready to provide free consultation and dedicated customer support to choose the most suitable security solution.
  • Diverse services: SECOM provides a full range of security services to meet all customer needs, from households, businesses to large organizations.
  • Commitment to security: SECOM always puts the security of customers’ information and assets first. We apply strict security measures to ensure absolute safety of our customers’ data and assets.
  • Competitive prices: SECOM provides security solutions at reasonable prices, suitable for the financial capabilities of many customers in Vietnam.

With extensive experience in the field of global security, SECOM is confident in providing customers in Vietnam with optimal security solutions. Above all, we are committed to providing high quality, professional and dedicated security services, ensuring absolute safety for households and businesses. Contact SECOM immediately for free consultation and choose the most suitable security solution.

Above is general information about airport security gates and their role in the airport security system. In general, security gates at the airport play an important role in ensuring absolute safety for the airport area. Thanks to the modern security gate system, the security situation at the airport has been significantly improved, contributing to creating a safe environment for everyone.

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