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Jun. 14, 2024

Top 5+ Professional Security Certificates Security Guards Need

A professional security team plays a crucial role in ensuring community safety and security. To perform their duties effectively, security personnel need to be equipped with essential knowledge and skills, evidenced by professional security certifications. What are these certifications? Let’s explore with Secom Vietnam Security Services Corporation through the following article.

What is a Security Certification?

Security training encompasses a set of specialized measures provided to the security force to ensure the safety and order of people and property at various institutions, businesses, and designated locations. The Professional Security Training Certificate is stipulated in Clause 7, Article 4, Decree 96/2016/ND-CP regarding security conditions for certain business sectors. This certificate is issued by competent police authorities to security personnel who pass the required assessment.

Security training includes the following contents:

  • Administrative measures
  • Public measures
  • Patrol and guard measures

For more detailed information about this certification, you can refer to Decree 96/2016/ND-CP.

Are Security Personnel Required to Have Professional Security Certifications?

Based on Decree No. 52/2008/ND-CP on managing security service businesses and the 2001 Fire Prevention and Fighting Law, amended and supplemented in 2013:

  • Point c, Clause 3, Article 8 of Decree 52/2008/ND-CP strictly prohibits employing untrained security personnel without professional security certifications.
  • Clause 4, Article 6 of Decree 52/2008/ND-CP states that security personnel are not required to have fire prevention and fighting certificates.

Therefore, while it is not mandatory for security personnel to have professional security certifications, possessing these certifications can lead to a 7% increase in salary compared to labor law regulations.

Which Authority Issues Professional Security Certifications?

According to Article 24 of Decree 96/2016/ND-CP, the competent authorities to issue Professional Security Training Certificates include:

The Department of Administrative Management of Social Order under the Ministry of Public Security

According to regulations, this department has the following responsibilities:

  1. Issuing Certificates of Eligibility for security and order for business types such as:
    • Small arms trading
    • Industrial explosives trading; explosive precursors trading
    • Blasting services trading
    • Businesses using industrial explosives for exploration, mineral extraction, and oil and gas on the Vietnamese continental shelf
    • 5-star accommodation services
    • Auxiliary tools trading
    • Paintball gun trading (excluding paintball gun service providers)
    • Fireworks trading; casino businesses
    • Gambling machines for foreigners
    • Foreign-invested security service businesses and security service businesses with training functions
    • Businesses under the Ministry of Public Security
  2. Conducting assessments and issuing professional security certificates to security personnel after they complete training programs at businesses with training functions, police vocational centers, and police training and retraining centers.
  3. Reviewing and approving security personnel training programs for authorized training centers.
The Department of Administrative Management of Social Order of Provincial and Municipal Police

Additionally, the provincial and municipal police departments have responsibilities such as:

  1. Issuing Certificates of Eligibility for security and order for business types not covered by the above point, including:
    • Seal manufacturing; businesses using industrial explosives; production, purchase, and sale of military uniforms and insignias of the People’s Army and Police.
    • Speed-checking devices for road vehicles; mobile phone monitoring devices; alcohol testing devices; betting services; printing service businesses.
    • Signal jamming devices; cosmetic surgery services; discotheque services; accommodation services; debt collection services; security services.
    • Businesses under the military and revenue-generating units of central and provincial agencies.
    • Other businesses not specified and those authorized by the Department of Administrative Management of Social Order of the Ministry of Public Security.
  2. Organizing assessments and issuing professional security certificates for security personnel after completing training at local police training centers.

Do Professional Security Certifications Have an Expiration Date?

Professional security certifications are valid for five years from the date of issuance. Upon expiration, security personnel must undergo retraining to obtain a new certificate. New assignments will then comply with the regulations.

Top 5 Essential Security Certifications for Security Personnel

Based on current regulations, there are five popular professional security certifications, each with different skill requirements and training durations. SECOM will share detailed information on these certifications.

  1. Professional Security Training Certificate As per Clause 7, Article 4, Decree 96/2016/ND-CP, the Professional Security Training Certificate is issued by competent police authorities after security personnel pass the assessment. This certificate is directly organized, trained, and issued by the police according to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security. The training duration is 30 days.
  2. Fire Prevention and Fighting Training Certificate For security personnel, this certificate is crucial. The training equips them with skills to handle emergencies and provide first aid during incidents. The training duration is 3 days, conducted by the fire prevention and fighting police.
  3. Fire Prevention, Fighting, and Rescue Certificate This certificate is a higher-level credential than the standard fire prevention and fighting certificate. It indicates that the security personnel are knowledgeable and capable of performing fire prevention, fighting, rescue, and safety duties. This certificate is required for rescue operations and is issued by the fire prevention police after completing the training program.
  4. Support Tools Management and Usage Certificate This certificate, organized by the PC06 police department, includes 6 days of training. As per Circular 19/2016/TT-BCA, training includes:
    • Theory: Regulations on managing and using support tools, including structure, features, usage, and related management tasks.
    • Practice: Techniques for using support tools and maintaining them.
  5. Basic First Aid Certificate This certification is issued by reputable organizations such as the Red Cross, hospitals, and medical centers, ensuring that individuals are trained to provide basic first aid in emergencies. The training typically lasts 3 days and covers essential skills to handle emergency situations like treating wounds, controlling bleeding, and performing rescue operations.

SECOM – Professional Security Services Provider

Ensuring absolute safety for businesses, organizations, commercial establishments, or residential areas is a significant challenge in modern society. Understanding this, SECOM pioneers in providing professional security services with rigorously selected and trained security personnel, equipped with all necessary professional security certifications, basic security certificates, fire prevention and fighting certificates, and other related certifications, meeting the standards of the Ministry of Public Security.

We are confident in delivering comprehensive, professional, and reliable security services to our customers. Our professional security team conducts patrols, surveillance, and protection at key positions 24/7. SECOM also offers solutions for installing surveillance camera systems, alarm devices, advanced facial recognition technology, and 24-hour online monitoring services to enhance security effectiveness, ensuring absolute peace of mind for customers using our professional security services.

The above article has compiled and shared information about the essential security certifications for security personnel. We hope this information will be useful, especially for those interested in the security industry. If you are looking for professional security services, contact SECOM for free consultation on the most suitable security solutions!

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