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Jun. 7, 2024

School cameras – Security solutions for schools and students

Currently, school camera installation solutions are increasingly focused on their ability to monitor, manage and maintain safety in the school environment. The birth of the security surveillance camera system helps prevent acts of school violence and monitor the activities of teachers and students, thereby ensuring the construction of a fair and civilized educational environment. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this device and where should the camera system be installed for effective monitoring? Let’s find out details with SECOM through the article below.

Benefits of installing school cameras

Currently, the importance of installing surveillance camera systems is undeniable, especially when using them in areas that receive a lot of attention such as schools. Installing cameras in schools allows the school to promptly capture the activities and behaviors of students in the most realistic way. In addition, the application of surveillance management using school cameras, especially online surveillance systems, also brings certain benefits to teachers, students and parents, specifically:

For teachers

Installing surveillance cameras in schools will bring teachers the following practical benefits:

  • Protect employee vehicles.
  • Easily monitor and manage classes remotely.
  • School cameras have the function of recording data, thereby helping teachers easily analyze and improve teaching methods.

With student

For students – the country’s preschoolers, installing a smart surveillance camera system for schools can bring the following benefits:

  • Timely detect and prevent acts of bullying and school violence.
  • Monitor student discipline and tardiness.
  • Create a safe, healthy learning environment, protect students from the risks of harassment, kidnapping…

For parents

Not only bringing benefits to teachers and students, school surveillance camera systems also help parents ensure the following:

  • Observe and understand your child’s learning progress.
  • Helps parents feel secure about their children’s safety when going to school, ensuring their children are not subject to school violence or physical impacts from teachers.
  • Help parents have more evidence to exonerate their children in case of need.

Some advantages and disadvantages of school security camera systems

In order to ensure maximum safety for students and teachers, many units have installed school cameras to conveniently monitor and manage activities taking place inside the school. However, installing and using a security monitoring system for schools also comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, specifically:


Installing a school surveillance camera system is the optimal security solution applied by many schools today because of its outstanding advantages such as:

Prevent vehicle theft and vandalism

The solution to prevent theft by installing school cameras, students and teachers will avoid 90% of vehicle loss due to rampant theft. In addition, in case a student is attacked, the videos and images recorded on the camera will be useful evidence to make the police investigation and arrest of criminals easier.

Prevent school violence among students

Currently, the problem of school violence is still the focus in most schools. This is a painful problem not only for schools, parents, and students but also for the whole society. Therefore, installing cameras in schools is a legitimate need to help reduce “bullying” on school grounds. Under the strict supervision and management of security cameras, students will behave with each other more properly, thereby limiting school problems and unpredictable consequences.

Protect the safety of teachers and students

At school, there are still cases where teachers commit inappropriate behaviors with students, causing psychological damage that is difficult to treat. Therefore, installing school cameras will help prevent a number of situations such as using force, harassment, threats, etc. to ensure a healthy and friendly learning space for students.

Monitor the activities of teachers, students and staff

The school camera solution will help the school monitor all activities of teachers, students and staff when entering and exiting the gate. This allows the school to easily know which students often violate the rules, are late… and then take appropriate measures.

In addition, school cameras also act as a means to remind teachers to perform their duties and obligations well, not wasting every lesson of students. At the same time, school security cameras also help school officials easily monitor the activities of visitors to the school, thereby promptly detecting and handling illegal intrusions and thefts.


Although installing school cameras brings many outstanding benefits, this surveillance system still has certain shortcomings, specifically as follows:

Affects the privacy of teachers and students

The main function of school cameras will be to track, monitor and manage the activities of all objects within range, so the system may cause some discomfort for teachers and students. However, cameras will only be installed in public locations such as hallways, classrooms, school gates… and will not be allowed to be installed in sensitive areas such as restrooms.

Affects trust between teachers and students

Some opinions say that installing surveillance cameras will somehow create suspicion, affecting trust between students and teachers. Besides, this can also bring an atmosphere of tension, discomfort and fear for each student when going to school.

What are the requirements for school cameras?

In order for security monitoring to be effective and usable for a long time, school camera systems require certain requirements to be met. Accordingly, important criteria that need to be considered when choosing a camera in an educational environment include:

Large image storage capacity

School is a place of learning for many teenagers, so the school cannot manage all the things that happen between students. Therefore, school cameras need to have large enough storage capacity to record and extract data when necessary.

Infrared camera feature

Nighttime is often the time when thieves are most likely to commit crimes, so users need to choose a school camera with infrared features. This will help the school security team monitor the situation at night more easily, ensuring maximum security for the educational facility.

Motion detection function

When choosing school camera equipment, priority should be given to cameras with built-in motion detection features when detecting unusual signs in the field of view. At this time, the camera’s motion detection function will capture images and send warnings to security guards 24/7, while also making reasonable prevention suggestions.

Has a resolution of 2MP or higher

To effectively monitor and manage school security, the resolution of the surveillance camera system needs to be at least 2MP. This will help the image data collected be sharper and clearer, thereby helping the school easily identify unusual details through surveillance cameras.

Has a water-resistant feature

For installing cameras in uncovered areas such as school gates, school yards and hallways, educational institutions should consider choosing products with built-in waterproof features. This feature is extremely necessary to reduce the effects of weather, help the device operate durably, and ensure a long life.

Fire warning function

Schools are places that use a lot of electrical equipment, so this area does not exclude the risk of electric shock or fire. Therefore, using school cameras with fire warning function will help all staff, teachers and students recognize dangers and provide the fastest solutions.

Decentralize features

To help teachers as well as parents monitor the live situation of students, schools should choose surveillance cameras with features such as video playback, sharing live viewing rights,…

Locations where school cameras should be mounted

In addition to focusing on the features of school cameras, users should also consider the location of the camera to improve control efficiency. Below are some key camera installation locations on school campuses:

School gate

The school gate is the place of entry and exit for parents, students, teachers and many other subjects, and is often crowded with people. Therefore, installing surveillance cameras in this area is necessary for the school to easily grasp the status of passersby, prevent illegal intrusion and promptly handle dangerous situations. causing harm to the school and students.


For parents to understand the latest situation of their students, installing a surveillance camera system in the classroom is necessary. In this way, schools and parents can easily observe students’ learning process, while limiting cases of exam cheating or school violence.

Stairs and hallways

When installing school cameras, you must definitely consider the location of stairs and hallways. This is a place where students often gather during recess, so dangerous jostling and jostling can occur. Therefore, installing surveillance cameras in this location will help the school easily observe and better protect students.

Parking area

The camera system installed in the parking area will help the security team manage the vehicles of students, teachers and staff in the school more easily, while also limiting theft. This also helps the school get evidence and easily find the culprit if there is a case of vehicle theft.

School yard

Besides the stairs and corridors, the school yard is also a place where students gather in large numbers to entertain, play or participate in sports activities. Therefore, schools should also install surveillance cameras in the school yard to easily manage students and promptly detect when they are injured or fall…

Office of each staff department in the school

To effectively manage teachers as well as protect common property, schools can install surveillance cameras in locations such as teacher offices, meeting rooms, accounting rooms, surveillance rooms, and storage rooms. map, computer area…

Canteen and dining room

For this area, installing cameras will help school management easily monitor the quality of students’ food. Besides, this also helps schools and parents understand their children’s eating process, thereby making appropriate adjustments.

Versatile home

In practical lessons such as Chemistry, Physics, Informatics,… students will often participate in basic practice. However, to limit damage and protect property integrity, installing surveillance cameras at this location is extremely necessary.

General power source area

In addition to the key locations mentioned above, schools also need to install cameras and closely monitor dangerous areas such as the main power source to protect the safety of students, teachers, and staff. In addition, installing cameras at this location also allows school management to avoid students’ destructive behavior, while limiting the risk of leaks and power outages affecting school operations.

Some questions related to school security cameras

The school camera system is an effective security solution and takes on an important task in protecting the safety of students and teachers. However, there are still many questions related to the installation of security camera systems for schools that need to be clarified such as:

What type of security camera is suitable for schools?

Currently, on the market there are many types of surveillance cameras from many brands with a variety of features and distributed at different prices, however, not all types can be used well in school areas. learn. Some types of security surveillance cameras suitable for use in school environments include:

  • Analog Camera: Wired security monitoring device, connected by network cable.
  • IP camera: Wireless camera device, connected via wifi.
  • Infrared hemispherical camera: This type of camera is designed in a hemispherical form and also has infrared lights to serve effective night surveillance needs.
  • Infrared body camera: This surveillance camera device is designed in a square cylindrical shape, with integrated infrared LED lights to help observe movement clearly.

Do cameras for schools need to be on continuously 24/7?

For security monitoring to be most effective and accurate, the school camera system needs to operate continuously 24/7. In this way, the camera can collect any unusual movements that are occurring, thereby sending a warning to the school to promptly detect and find solutions.

How long can school cameras store data?

Currently, the data storage time of camera lines on the market will depend on the capacity of the hard drive, on average from 30 to 90 days.

Secom – The most prestigious address for installing school security surveillance cameras today

If you are looking for a unit that provides quality and reputable surveillance camera installation solutions, SECOM will be the best suggestion. With more than 50 years of operation in the security field, we are committed to providing customers with comprehensive, optimal and outstandingly effective security solutions. When choosing SECOM, customers will be guaranteed the following benefits:

SECOM’s team of professional technicians will assist in planning and advising on appropriate camera installation locations in the school, ensuring maximum security for the area.

SECOM will advise in detail how to operate the camera for the most effective security monitoring.

SECOM is committed to supporting customers before, during and after the camera installation process to ensure the system always operates effectively, thereby limiting the risk of theft and illegal intrusion on school grounds.

Thus, SECOM has shared with users all relevant information about school cameras, from the benefits of the device to the appropriate installation location. Hopefully this article will bring you useful knowledge about camera solutions for schools. If you are looking for a unit that provides surveillance camera installation solutions for schools, please contact SECOM today for detailed advice and quotes.

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