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Jul. 5, 2024

Effective Factory – Factory Access Control System

Factories and workshops are working environments with a large concentration of employees and a constant flow of people coming in and out. Therefore, controlling doors in these areas is extremely important to ensure the security of the factory as well as the safety of workers. In the article below, SECOM Vietnam will introduce to you the access control system for factories and workshops – a security solution that helps businesses improve management efficiency and maximize protection for their facilities.

What is a factory access control system?

The factory access control system is a comprehensive automation solution, designed to closely manage and monitor all access activities in the factory or workshop area. This system not only ensures absolute security for the industrial area but also brings convenience, optimizes management processes and improves overall operational efficiency.

In addition, the factory access control system is also known by other names such as:

  • Walkway control gate for factory
  • Factory access control system with magnetic card
  • Three-spoke factory swing arm
  • Pedestrian control gate at the factory
  • Factory access security control system

What are the reasons to install a factory access control system?

After understanding the concept of what an access control system is in a factory, we will learn the importance of this system. In the context of factories increasingly expanding in scale and facing many challenges in security, human resource management and operational optimization. Implementing a door control system is no longer a luxury option but has become an essential element. Investing in a factory access control system will bring many outstanding benefits, contributing to improving operational efficiency and ensuring absolute safety for the factory.

Ensure tight security for the factory

Ensuring security is one of the top priorities at factories and workshops. The access control system acts as a solid layer of protection, effectively preventing unauthorized intrusion right from the outside security control circle. By using advanced identification technologies such as magnetic cards, fingerprints, faces or QR codes, the system ensures that only authorized people can enter the factory area.

This helps minimize the risk of theft, vandalism and other unauthorized intrusions, protecting the safety of both people and property. Furthermore, the factory access control system also records each individual’s access history, creating a detailed database of entry and exit activities in the factory. This information is not only useful in investigating security incidents but also helps management monitor and evaluate employee performance.

Save time

Factory access control solutions not only help protect security but are also the optimal solution to save time for management. Instead of having to arrange staff to manually check each person entering and exiting, this automation system allows employees to quickly authenticate identities via magnetic cards, fingerprints or faces. Thanks to that, the entry and exit process takes place quickly, without causing congestion, especially during rush hours. This contributes to improving the overall working efficiency of the entire factory.

Build good habits for employees

The factory access control system also helps raise awareness and build civilized habits for employees. Complying with the entry and exit procedures established by the system helps form professional working habits, punctuality and respect for general regulations. In addition, the use of modern technology in management also motivates employees to voluntarily comply, thereby improving their sense of responsibility and discipline at work.

Save operating costs

In addition, operating costs will also be optimized thanks to the installation of a factory access control system. Instead of having to arrange a large number of security guards for manual control, this automation system helps significantly reduce the number of necessary staff. Access management is carried out accurately and effectively through technological devices, helping businesses save significant costs in recruiting, training and paying security guards.

Helps optimize operating processes

Thanks to automation and continuous monitoring capabilities, the system provides detailed data on entry and exit times, number of employees, frequency of use of areas… Based on this information, Management can easily evaluate performance, detect process bottlenecks, and make timely adjustments. Thereby, the access control system contributes to improving labor productivity, minimizing risks and ensuring factory operations always run smoothly and effectively.

What will the factory access control system include?

The factory access control system is not simply a security solution but also a system integrating many modern technologies, helping to optimize personnel management and ensure safety for the entire unit. production area. So what components does this system include and how does it work? Let’s find out more details with SECOM in the content below.

3-prong swivel handle

The 3-pin turning handle, also known as tripod turnstile, is an indispensable component in the factory access control system. This device is part of a quartet of key control devices, including 3-prong swing arm, swing barrier, flap barrier and full gate. With a design of 3 flexible rotating arms, the 3-pronged rotating arm helps strictly control employee entry and exit, while effectively dividing traffic flow on walkways, ensuring security and order for the factory. .

Access control circuit

The control circuit, also known as the access controller, acts as the nerve center of the entire factory access control system. It is responsible for connecting and coordinating the operation of terminal devices such as 3-pin turntables, card readers, buttons, indicator lights,… and also collects information from these devices and transmits it to the device. Central software for processing.

Besides the function of being a bridge between devices, the control circuit also plays an important role in authenticating user information, granting access rights and controlling door operations. The control circuit can be compared to a smart “gatekeeper”, strictly controlling the entry and exit of employees, ensuring security and order for the factory.

Management software

This is the central place to process and coordinate all activities related to the entry and exit of employees and customers at the factory. Management software is an indispensable tool to effectively manage and control information, including basic tasks such as:

Controller Management

This feature gives administrators full control over the system by allowing them to easily add, edit, or delete access controls. In particular, the ability to connect and manage multiple controllers simultaneously helps create a widespread control network, covering the entire factory, ensuring synchronization and efficiency in access management.

Personal information of employees

The management software provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily manage detailed information of each employee. This information includes full name, gender, year of birth, phone number, portrait image and many other information related to employees. Thanks to that, looking up and updating employee information becomes quick and convenient, helping to manage human resources effectively.


Administrators can easily manage information about departments in the factory, including department names, number of employees, functions, etc. Thanks to that, classifying and organizing employees by department becomes easier. should be scientific and effective, helping to optimize work processes and improve labor productivity.

Door manager

The door management feature allows administrators to flexibly assign access rights to individuals, groups of employees in specific departments or all employees to designated areas in the factory. This helps tightly control access, ensuring only authorized personnel can access sensitive areas, while creating a safe and secure working environment.

Track Timeline in real time

The management software of the factory access control system will record all employee entry and exit activities in detail and accurately to every second. Thanks to that, managers can easily monitor employee entry and exit status in real time, capturing who entered/exited which area and at what time. This not only helps improve transparency in management but is also an effective tool to ensure security and promptly detect and handle unusual incidents.


This is one of the indispensable features for managing and evaluating the performance of the access control system. The software allows creating detailed and diverse reports on employee entry and exit activities, including specific entry and exit times, number of employees entering and exiting at each time, area, department, etc. .. In addition, the report also provides information about each employee’s working time, helping managers easily monitor and evaluate work performance.

Install plan

This feature helps the factory management team easily set up and manage employee work schedules in a scientific and flexible way. You can create shift, daily or weekly work plans, as well as manage leave days and work schedules for each individual or group of employees. Thanks to that, arranging and distributing work becomes easier, while helping to optimize resources and improve the performance of the entire team.

Card reader

This device is capable of identifying and authenticating user information through many different methods, from traditional magnetic cards, biometric fingerprints, QR codes to modern facial recognition technology. Collected data will be transmitted to the controller for processing and making a decision to allow or deny access. The diversity of card reader technology helps factories easily choose the solution that best suits their management needs and security level.

Push button to open the door

The door opening button can be integrated directly on the 3-prong turning handle or placed in the security room to facilitate access management. This button is often used in the following cases:

  • One-way control: When the system only controls the entry direction, the push button will allow employees to exit freely without authentication.
  • Granting special access: In cases where it is necessary to grant quick access to VIP guests or important partners, a push button will be used to open the door directly.

Magnetic card system

On each magnetic card, information about the company, employees, departments, images and employee codes are clearly printed, making identification and authentication easy. Each time entering or leaving the factory, employees just need to swipe the card on the reader, the system will automatically record the information and grant corresponding access rights.

What is the operating principle of the factory access control system?

In this section, we will explore the operating principle of the factory access control system using facial recognition?

  • Register each employee’s face: This process requires each employee to provide an image of his or her face, along with other necessary personal information. This data will be securely stored in the system’s database, creating the foundation for the system to accurately and quickly identify and authenticate the identity of each employee.
  • Daily access control:
    • Entering the factory: When employees arrive for work each morning, they approach an access control gate equipped with advanced facial recognition technology. The integrated camera will scan the employee’s face and compare it with a previously registered database.
    • Identify and open the gate: If the face matches the stored data, the system will confirm the identity and automatically open the flap barrier gate, allowing employees to pass through quickly and conveniently. The gate’s operating mechanism ensures that only one person is allowed through at a time, preventing unauthorized following or intrusion.
    • Record data: Along with opening the gate, the factory access control system will automatically record employee entry times. This data is stored in management software, creating the basis for accurate and transparent calculation of working hours and timekeeping.
  • Departure and control procedures during the day:
    • When leaving: The process of leaving is similar to the process of entering. Employees just need to go through the control gate, the timekeeping system will automatically recognize their faces and record their departure time. This data will be updated into the system to calculate the total working time of the day.
    • Management between working hours: In case employees need to go out during working hours, the system still operates normally. Each time you exit and re-enter, the timekeeper will record the corresponding time, ensuring all employee entry and exit activities are closely monitored and controlled. Thanks to that, managers can clearly understand the actual working time of each employee and effectively manage the human resources situation.

Cost of investing in the current factory door control system

The cost of investing in a factory access control system is one of the top concerns of businesses when deciding to deploy this solution. However, this cost is not fixed but depends on many different conditions.

What are the factors that determine the cost of investing in a factory access control system?

To have an overview and make appropriate investment decisions, let’s find out with SECOM the factors that determine the cost of installing a factory access control system through the content below!

Equipment factors

Investment costs will vary significantly depending on the access control solution the factory owner chooses. Each factory has its own requirements and characteristics, leading to differences in equipment selection. For example, some factories may prefer to use fingerprint recognition systems instead of traditional magnetic cards, while others may choose to combine both technologies. Or, instead of using the popular three-prong swing gate, some investors prefer full gate gates for stricter control. The diversity of equipment and technology will directly affect the total investment cost.

Factors regarding premises and installation location

Installation site plays an important role in determining the investment cost of a factory access control system. If the current premises are degraded or do not meet technical requirements, renovation and upgrading is necessary, resulting in additional costs. In addition, the arrangement of control points and the distance between these points and the control center also affect the cost of wiring, installing equipment and auxiliary materials.

For large-scale factories, complex wiring and long distances between control points will increase costs significantly. Therefore, thoroughly surveying and evaluating the installation site is an important step to optimize the investment cost of the access control system.

Elements of in-depth management

In-depth management factors play an important role when the current software system cannot meet the complex business requirements of the factory. At that time, it becomes necessary to customize or separately develop a management software solution that integrates with hardware devices. This requires investment in finance and technology to ensure optimal efficiency in production management, from planning, progress monitoring, quality management to production data analysis.

This in-depth factor not only helps businesses better control the production process, but also creates a competitive advantage thanks to the ability to flexibly adapt to changes in the business environment. However, implementing in-depth elements also requires careful consideration of costs, time and resources to ensure effectiveness and compatibility with the business’s development goals.

SECOM Vietnam – A company specializing in providing solutions for installing reputable and comprehensive factory access control systems

SECOM Vietnam is proud to be a leading reputable unit in the field of providing comprehensive and reputable factory access control system installation solutions. With a team of experienced experts and advanced technology, SECOM Vietnam is committed to providing customers with optimal solutions, meeting all security, management and operation requirements in factory areas. .

Benefits when choosing solutions from SECOM Vietnam:

  • Enhance security: Strictly control people and vehicles entering and exiting, preventing illegal intrusions, ensuring absolute safety for property and people.
  • Effective management: Monitor and record all entry and exit activities, support human resource management, timekeeping and access authorization accurately and conveniently.
  • Optimize operations: Integrate with other systems such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems, helping to improve overall management and operational efficiency.
  • Cost savings: Minimize the risk of loss and loss of assets, while optimizing management resources, helping businesses save operating costs.
  • Professional services: Design consulting, installation and dedicated maintenance, ensuring the system operates stably and effectively for a long time.

The article has provided detailed information about the access control system of factories and workshops. With outstanding advantages in terms of features, security and management efficiency, this system is the optimal solution to help businesses improve management capacity, ensure security and optimize production activities. Contact SECOM Vietnam immediately to get advice and experience the most modern and smart access control solution today.

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